Friday, May 20, 2016

air purifier might have been a bad idea

So, it's been a terrifying day with mommy. She's having trouble remembering how to swallow properly, and her throat is irritated and filled with mucus. I was warned about this. The first visiting nurse who ever came to the house talked to me about it, but you can't warn somebody sufficiently for the feeling they will get when they are caring for a person who is having trouble swallowing little bits of ice. I sat on the bed for hours last night, dripping one after another into her mouth. Long story short. Called the doctor first thing this morning, and she's sending out a visiting nurse to evaluate mom and she's scheduled a speech therapist. (Apparently speech therapy can help with the complicated maneuvers it takes for a human to swallow). So, I'm doing all the things the MD told me to do, and Mom's room smells amazing thanks to my mom-in-law and her essential oil humidifier and peppermint (good for clearing all the mucus Mommy is accumulating in her throat). Prayers are so appreciated. Please pray for my mother. I've been thinking a lot about praying without ceasing since she came to live with me - I think every breath a prayer - and today I've learned the every swallow (without chocking) is a praise.

I'm wondering if the new air purifier might be part to blame.  As I was dealing with this today I realized that I've got a lot of mucus build-up in my throat, too, and then I thought about how I was sleeping in the chair in her room all night with the air purifier blowing on me.  Then, I googled, and sure enough dry air is a contributor to mucus formation in the throat.  Well, it's off now, and Mommy is not having much trouble at all swallowing her apple sauce. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

sleepy breakfast

She's almost too sleepy to figure out this 
banana, but she's really happy and content. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

all clean and happy

She's had her hair washed and herself washed 
and her bedding all changed and clean. 
It's a clean day today.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016