Sunday, April 30, 2017

Flowers from Hope House

Stephan and I dropped by Hope House today to see if the neighbor was in.
We need to talk to him about the sewer easement, but he wasn't home.
It wasn't a wasted trip, though. I showed Stephan where the TARDIS is 
going to be placed at the edge of the back garden. I stood on the front porch
to see if I can see the signpost for "Northern Pike" from there, . . almost.
Then, I wickedly picked a bouquet of flowers from the yard. If this were a 
fairy tale, my punishment would be to have to live at Hope House and never
return to Pitcairn again. This is a punishment I'm willing to risk.

I gave Mommy the flowers, and she loves them. I think she loves them just 
as much as Beauty loved the stolen rose from the Beast's garden.


  1. I bet they smell as pretty as they look!!

  2. Remember the lilacs growing on the hill by the house Amy hood lived in? After the bus driver turned around the kids would stick their hands out the windows of the bus and try to grab them-many times catching some! They smelled amazing!!