Saturday, April 29, 2017

I'm sewing and crotcheting curtains for the kitchen
at Hope House. I try to finish a whole row of stitching 
before I check my phone again to see if any contractors
have gotten back to us with bids. I'm having limited
success with this attempt to keep my sanity and to not
check my email every ten seconds. I find there is a 
strong urge to pretty much just constantly hit "refresh"
and hit "refresh" and hit "refresh" on the email instead
of living life and taking care of responsibilities.

I've been practicing patience for a very long time,
but clearly I'm not a proficient yet. 

On the plus side, Mom just loves my work on these curtains.
Her eyes shine when she holds them and looks at all my 
tiny stitches (you know, the ones she taught me to take), and 
all my rows of crotchet (these Grandma Bailey taught me).

Life is full of small rewards for simple tasks.

And, a further plus, I got a second job to help pay
the mortgage at Hope House in the event that the 
house in Pitcairn doesn't sell. (Maybe it will pay for 
a basic kitchen from Ikea as well? I'm full of dreams.)

1 comment:

  1. Dreams are a good thing! I'm sure grandma bailey would have loved the crocheted curtains. I remember her crocheting and reading a lot. I still have some of the things she made for me. :) Alicia even plays with them sometimes but they are a bit fragile after 40 years. Lol!